Handout Archive

BDW 2019

    • 2019 Workshop Program



BDW 2018

    • 2018 Workshop Program
    • Paula Crider: To be announced
    • Paula Crider: To be announced
    • Anthony Marinello: To be announced
    • Elizabeth Peterson: To be announced
    • Chip De Stefano: To be announced



BDW 2017

    • 2017 Workshop Program
    • Stephen G. Peterson: Rehearsal Techniques: Empowering Students During The Band Rehearsal
    • Michael Colburn: The Modern Maestro (no handout)
    • Michael Colburn: What Would Sousa Do? (no handout)
    • Joseph Manfredo: Incorporating Literacy Strategies within the Performance-based Band Class
    • Phillip Hash: Relevant Repertoire for Developing Bands (ppt)


BDW 2016